Mon. Jun 21st, 2021

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Verdell Jackson: A Lifetime of Being Led By the Holy Spirit

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Longtime Montana legislator, Verdell Jackson joins me in-studio to impart the secret of his lifelong success


As I was told by a co-worker before I moved my family to Montana, “Almost every person who you will meet in Montana will be some of the best people who you have ever met in your life.”

No one person exemplifies the above comment any better than my friend, Verdell Jackson.

If I had to pick one theme to describe the character of Verdell Jackson, it would have to be one of a servant.

Verdell has served his family, his community and his God for nearly his entire adult life.

And, as Verdell reveals in the video below, he attributes his entire success to his relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Please take the time to watch the simple, but emotionally powerful, video linked below to get an insight into one of the men who I have grown to respect immensely since I have lived in Montana.  Thank you for your friendship, Verdell.




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