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The Knives Come Out in the Fight for Montana PSC

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Montana Public Service Commissioner, Tony O’ Donnell implies that opponent Dan Zolnikov is in bed with NorthWestern Energy

Administrator EIV Radio May 20, 2020

As we regularly witness by way of the D.C. circus, politics is a nasty business; one which doesn’t get any nastier than during election time.

There are numerous, heated political races going on right now in Montana, and none are more contentious that the race for Montana Public Service Commission for District 2.

The field consists of the incumbent, Tony O’ Donnell, the former Public Service Commissioner for District 2, Kirk Bushman and current Montana House member for District 45, Daniel Zolnikov.

I don’t want to say, as I’ve heard some people say, that he is a pawn of NorthWestern Energy, but I will say this is that he did receive a maximum contribution from the Chief Lobbyist for NorthWestern Energy for the Primary and the General…

PSC Commissioner, Tony O’ Donnell on opponent Daniel Zolnikov

Of the 3 candidates mentioned, I have had the pleasure of having 2 of them on my broadcast recently, with Daniel Zolnikov joining me last week and Commissioner O’ Donnell joining me yesterday.

During the last part of our interview, Commissioner O’ Donnell spoke rather candidly about his past fondness for Representative Zolnikov’s work with privacy and other legislation, but has since cooled on Zolnikov as the race for PSC began

I think he (Zolnikov) is a great guy, but he doesn’t belong in the Public Service Commission.

Tony O’ Donnell – Montana Public Service Commissioner for District 2

You can hear Commissioner O’ Donnell, in his own words, by clicking the video link of our interview below.

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