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The Glacial Group Lists RINO Republicans

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Administrator Excellence in Voting May 9, 2020

The following list is provided courtesy of The Glacial Group

The Glacial Group’s mission is to support present and future candidates for political leadership positions in Montana who are Constititonalist Patriots

The following is a list of left-wing/moderate/RINO Republicans that should not be elected to office in Montana.

HD06 – Bruce Tutvedt

HD07 – Frank Garner

HD 09 – Brian Putnam

HD10 – Doug Mahlum

HD11 – Dee Kirk Boon

HD14 – Denley Loge

HD21 – Ed Buttrey

HD33 – Joyce Stone

HD34 – Tracy Shuster

HD35 – Joel Krautter

HD37 – Frederick D. (Eric) Moore

HD39 – Geraldine Custer

HD68 – Bruce Grubbs

HD69 – Don Seifert

HD70 – Julie Dooling

HD75 – Marta Bertoglio

HD85 – Hollis Poe

HD86 – Dave Bedey

HD88 – Sharon Greef

SD02 – Norm Nunnally

SD10 – Steve Fitzpatrick

SD26- -Rodney Garcia

SD28 – Tom Richmond

SD35 – Walt Sales

SD44 – Nancy Ballance

5 thoughts on “The Glacial Group Lists RINO Republicans

  1. You are “spot on” and hopefully an informed Republican electorate will send these flunkies to Llew Jones packing–LET THE DEMOCRATS NOMINATE THEIR OWN CANDIDATES….!

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