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Senator Verdell Jackson With His Endorsements for the Montana Primary

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Senator Verdell Jackson joined me recently to go over his choices for the 2020 Republican Primary

james white EIV Radio April 30, 2020

Senator Verdell Jackson served the good people of Montana for 16 years, as he termed-out in both the Montana House and the Montana Senate.

After his career in the legislature was over, Senator Jackson helped numerous candidates with their campaign, many times with great success.

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From the early days of keeping an eye on the CSKT Water Compact, to this upcoming 2020 election, you can be sure that Verdell Jackson has his keen eye on the pulse of things.

As all of the candidate filings commenced, Senator Jackson began researching the field to determine who were real Conservatives and who were just pretending.

Senator Jackson has finished his research and has made his choices for the candidates he feels best represent Conservative values for the Montana Primary. My video interview with him is linked below

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  1. The private sector is close down, the government sector is going strong. If the government sector destroys the private sector, where are they going to get their salaries, because only the private sector pay taxes?

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