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Senator Steve Daines Fights to Stop Pension Pay of Imprisoned Pedophile

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Montana Senator Ready to Take Legislative Action To End Possible Pay of Two-Million to Incarcerated Child Molester

As recent as March, 2019, Senator Steve Daines penned a letter to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, urging that the department put an immediate end to Stanley Patrick Weber’s pension payouts.

 In the month prior, the Montana Senator had sent similar correspondence to the head of IHS asking the same thing: that Stanley Weber’s pension payments, currently valued near $100,000 a year, cease indefinitely.

 Mr. Weber worked at federal Indian Health Service hospitals for about 30 years. He was convicted in September of sexually abusing two boys on a reservation in Montana and faces another trial over allegations he sexually assaulted four more in South Dakota. The abuse occurred while the pedophile doctor was on duty at the government hospitals or in his government-provided homes. A federal judge in January sentenced Mr. Weber to 18 years and 4 months in prison.

  If he serves the full term, the government would pay him around $1.8 million during his incarceration, not including the impact of any future cost-of-living adjustments that can increase pension pay.

 Daines is now demanding answers regarding the Weber case, saying that if the federal health agency could not revoke the pension administratively, he would examine ways to do it legislatively in Congress.

 “If the Department of Health and Human Services cannot stop Mr. Weber’s pension payments, then we stand ready to provide any assistance necessary from Congress that will fix this flawed system. A convicted pedophile should not receive one cent of taxpayer money while serving time in prison. This cannot stand.-Steve Daines, in his most recent letter to the administration.

For a more in-depth look into this matter, see articles at the WSJ here , or at the Great Falls Tribune here .

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