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Representative Rodney Garcia: DPHHS Will Hurt People Who Go After Their Money

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Montana Representative Rodney Garcia has a warning for those who go after the cash-cow known as DPHHS.  And DPHHS victim, Debbie Westlake announces her run for the Montana House


james white               EIV Radio               November 7, 2019



Montana Representative for House District 52, Rodney Garcia is one bold fellow.

Rarely does one find a legislator, locally or nationally, who voices their displeasure with the “system” in such an outspoken manner.

The system which Representative Garcia speaks against most vociferously is Montana DPHHS; an organization that has been proven to be lawless, ruthless and seemingly unaccountable to anyone.

Yes, Rodney Garcia is a bold man, indeed.

Rodney Garcia has appeared on my NorthWest Liberty News broadcast numerous times.  Each time he has been consistent with his displeasure of DPHHS and the lawless kidnapping that they perpetrate on not only Montana Families, but families across America.  In his first appearance last winter (linked below), Representative Garcia calls for 1K dollars a day fines and jail for DPHHS workers.



Most recently, Representative Garcia appeared on NorthWest Liberty News with DPHHS victim, Debbie Westlake to issue a warning to those who would dare come against the cash-generating behemoth known as DPHHS.  Towards the end of the same interview, Ms. Westlake officially announced her intention to run for the 2020 Montana House of Representatives.




If you are unaware of the story behind the aforementioned, Debbie Westlake and why she would decide to take matters into her own hands and run for the Montana House, watch the video linked below.



1 thought on “Representative Rodney Garcia: DPHHS Will Hurt People Who Go After Their Money

  1. So proud of montana! Please share this far and wide , Everyone!! Finally, Montana on board with Colorado,Wisconsin,Minnesota, Florida, CPS is currently being turned upside down!! Investigations taking place NOW! Foster families, CPS, judges, trafficking children. It’s been going on right under our noses. MSM involved also they are all in it!

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