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Representative David Dunn – Leadership Personified

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Montana House District 9 Representative, David Dunn, to put it simply, wants the very best for everyone in Montana



Staff Writer               Excellence in Voting               July 19, 2019


David Dunn is a very nice fellow; who anyone with a normal worldview would be hard pressed not to like.

However, that’s not the reason you should be delighted that David Dunn has decided to become a servant of the people of Montana.

You should be delighted that David serves the public because he’s smart, and because he knows the elements for successful leadership.

David was elected to office for the first time in 2018, and his time in Helena opened his eyes to how things are really run in Montana.

David graciously accepted an offer for an interview recently, the results of which are linked below.




1 thought on “Representative David Dunn – Leadership Personified

  1. During her freshman term, Representative Dunn advocated fiscal reform, challenging House committees to make 25 percent cuts in their own budgets. She broke ranks with her GOP colleagues to support the Violence Against Women Act, though she later voted against the Family and Medical Leave Act in 1993, which was backed by most of her women colleagues. Dunn also consistently voted to support women’s reproductive rights, though she opposed federal subsidies for the procedure and funding for international family–planning programs. On most other hot–button social issues, however, Dunn was firmly in the GOP ranks, voting for gun owners’ rights and a constitutional amendment to allow school prayer. “Too often we assume that women are going to be liberals,” Congresswoman Dunn said. “But there are women out there who believe we can solve our problems with non–government, non–invasive solutions.”

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