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Montana Water Wars: Ken Miller Weighs In

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Fmr. Chairman of the Montana Republican Party, Ken Miller joins me with Commissioner, Randy Pinocci to discuss the current Water Compact proposal


Staff Writer               EIV Radio               January 27, 2020




As we have covered on numerous occasions, the CSKT Water Compact has fueled no small amount of division between members of Montana’s Republican Party.

At EIV Radio, our mission is to allow for both sides of the issue to be heard, as often as we can book guests for the topic.

In this upcoming week, we will have both Representative Kerry White and Dr. Kate Vandemoer on the broadcast to hear their views.

Recently, however, we had some information come our way that we thought needed to be exposed on video.

Based on said information, we decided to call the former Chairman of the Republican Party, Ken Miller, to have him on the show, along with returning guest, Randy Pinocci of the Montana Public Service Commission.

The subject of the interview below is an important one, as we discuss the violation of not only the Montana Republican Platform, but the Montana Constitution, as well.

The topic of the CSKT Water Compact is of enormous significance, as water rights across America risk being influenced by the decisions made here in Montana.

So please take time to watch this and all of the interviews on the subject of the CSKT Water Compact; as many aspects of your, and your posterity’s, future are at stake.


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