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Montana Native, Dr. Al Olszewski Announces His Intention to Be Montana’s Next Governor

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Excellence in Voting               April 6, 2019

Veteran, Surgeon and current Montana Senator, Dr. Al Olszewski announces bid for Montana Governor in 2020




The small field of candidates who are running for Montana’s upcoming open Governor spot in 2020 just got a lot more Conservative as Great Falls native, Dr. Al Olszewski announced his bid April 3 from the Capitol Steps in Helena.

Dr. Olszewski is a 56 year old professionally trained surgeon who, along with his wife, Nancy, have six children.

Al served in the U.S. Air Force as a trauma surgeon and is recognized throughout Flathead Valley as one of the top Orthopedic professionals.

During his announcement, Dr. Olszewski outlined his plan for Montana’s future while answered a few questions.  I have included a video replay of everything below.


Dr. Al Olszewski Announces His Bid for Montana Governor in 2020



Dr. Al Olszewski on Putting People Back in Charge



 Dr. Al Olszewski on Healthcare



Dr. Al Olszewski on his Baby Born Alive bill


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