Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

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Montana HD 7 Candidate, Jerry O’ Neil: “We’re More Polarized than Ever Before”

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It sure would be nice to have a Montana Legislature filled with guys like Jerry O’ Neil

james white EIV Radio May 14, 2020

Montana HD 7 Candidate, Jerry O’ Neil is not the empty rhetoric type of guy. No, Jerry O’ Neil is a man of action.

From his decision to become a paralegal after helping his family with legal issues, to his stance on being paid in gold and silver for serving in the legislature, Jerry O’ Neil has always stood on his principles

When faced, once again, with the open deceit by those currently serving, Jerry knew he had to act by running for a seat in Montana’s House District 7.

As long as I have known Jerry, he has been consistently principled towards liberty, freedom and both the Montana and US Constitutions. Jerry O’ Neil is the “real deal.”

Jerry joined me recently on EIV Radio to discuss the latest developments in the government’s march towards total tyranny and much, much more.

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