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Mark Noland: Inform Your Neighbors 10 Doors Down

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Mark Noland, Montana Representative for House District 10, recently dropped by for a chat at the NorthWest Liberty News studio in Kalispell 


Staff Writer               Excellence in Voting             July 28, 2019


As 39 years of marriage to his wife, Kathy can attest, Mark Noland is a man of strong loyalties.

He employs that same loyalty when serving in Helena; as Mark has served 3 consecutive terms as Representative for House District 10, with the last 2 terms finding him filling the role as Chairman for the House Business and Labor Committee

Mark has operated a successful business in Flathead Valley for 34 years, while raising 6 children in the meantime.  Mark Noland is organized, and he knows how to get things done.

Mark recently dropped by the NorthWest Liberty News studios in Kalispell for a chat on things past and things to come.  Please enjoy the interview linked below.





3 thoughts on “Mark Noland: Inform Your Neighbors 10 Doors Down

  1. The republican party must stop embracing democrats who run as republicans. Frank Gardener and a whole lot more. The next Republican Governor should push for TORT Reform. They should use the law, Texas has passed. In Texas you sue, you lose, you pay all court cost. One of the problems with the Republicans, they do not talk to each other.

  2. Irresponsible Debt @ all levels needs to stop! The Federal Reserve & our gov’t is the # 1 problem in the USA with this monetary policy of no transparency. Show us the CAFR too! a fortiori!

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