As Chairman of the Flathead County Republican Central Committee and Montana Representative for House District 8, former history teacher John Fuller certainly has his hands full.  He was not too busy, however, to stop by my Kalispell studios to call for unity in the Republican Party going into 2020



Staff Writer               Excellence in Voting               July 18, 2019


Being a Vietnam Veteran certainly prepared John Fuller for the many battles that he faced in Helena during the 2019 legislative session.  In addition, John is not only a student of history, but he taught the subject in high school for over 40 years.

John is an unapologetic Conservative both socially and fiscally, but he also understands that unity among Montana’s Republican Party is the key to defeat the Liberal Left come 2020.

John was in Kalispell recently and he graciously agreed to sit down with me for an interview at my Kalispell studios, where he spoke of the aforementioned unity and laid the groundwork for huge Republican victories in the next election cycle.



John Fuller Calls for Unity in Montana’s Republican Party

One thought on “John Fuller Calls for Unity in Montana’s Republican Party

  • July 19, 2019 at 1:45 pm

    Since President Trump was elected, almost all meeting have stopped. We should be getting together to help President Trump.


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