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Is Llew Jones the Joe Biden of Montana?

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Conrad, Montana’s “King of the Deal,” Llew Jones has a lot more in common with Joe Biden than he does with Donald Trump


james white               Excellence in Voting Radio             October 7, 2019




As of late, one can scarcely watch a news program, fake or otherwise, nor glance at a newspaper without the names Joe and Hunter Biden dominating the space.

For a man who is seeking to hold the nation’s highest office, what could be better?

Pages and pages of free press, along with every major mainstream news station collectively mentioning your name hundreds of times an hour.

It’s a dream come true for any candidate who is running for office.

Yeah, not so much in this case.

The reason that the Biden’s name has been so prominent lately, as you likely already know, is because Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, are being exposed as international pay-for-play, money laundering scoundrels.

The “club” in which people like Joe and Hunter Biden hold membership in is filled with backroom deals, open nepotism and favors allocated to the highest bidder.

Things like sweetheart book deals, high-paying, corporate board positions and close family members landing seven-figure consulting contracts, with seemingly no competition, are all benefits of “club membership.”

Sadly, most of you reading this article, along with yours truly, will never enjoy club benefits.

This is not the case, however, for everyone living here in Montana where I broadcast my radio show, and from where I am penning this article now.

Montana’s legislative session is not one that operates full-time, as it meets for only about 4 months every 2 years.  Nonetheless, that is plenty of time for consummating backroom deals and cementing political favors.

In Montana, no one does that better than Conrad’s own, Llew Jones

As we circle back to the Biden’s and their shenanigans, we see a template that begins to emerge.  A template that seems to pass not only state lines, but party lines as well.

Llew Jones, a Republican, has seemingly stolen a page out of the Biden family playbook and applied it here to Montana politics.

Before you dismiss this notion as hyperbole, please keep reading.

Thankfully , much of the foundational research into Mr. Jones has already been completed and published on a website called, Capitol Whispers.

(Ed Note:  I appreciate the research done by the people at Capitol Whispers and I wish to thank them for allowing me to use their material)

However, if Jones is following the Biden playbook, then what we see published could be just the tip of the iceberg.  Let’s begin.




It Appears that Sweetgrass Development has a Real Sweet Deal – LINK

This article lays out how an organization, which has Llew Jones as a sitting board member, received a 400K Brownfields Assessment grant in early 2016, and at the time the article was written (Dec 2018) had not completed any work and did not appear to have any employees.  Despite the obvious incompetence of the situation on it’s face, Sweetgrass Development planned to apply for another grant in 2019


 A Public Service Announcement: Missing Dark Money – LINK

This article, essentially, explores why Llew Jones is affiliated with at least 32 Limited Liability Companies, and, curiously, why so many (22) are listed at the same address?  Having multiple LLC’s is not a crime in Montana, or in any state as far as I know, but the optics are not good for a sitting legislator.


Black Sheep Llew Jones Banks on Wool & Other Subsidies – LINK

This article outlines how LLew Jones has benefited from Farm Subsidies intended to help small, family farms across America.  Since Jones’ family has participated in the program, they have received $1,142,014 in taxpayer dollars.  Again, there is nothing illegal about it; but please don’t fault me if I’m not surprised that Llew Jones found a way to cash in handsomely on this deal.


The Last Time Llew Jones Sat on the Appropriations Committee, He Funneled 300K to His Wife – LINK

This article outlines how Llew Jones used his position in Montana Government to not only appropriate funds, but to encourage his wife, Carolyn Jones, to create a company that 2 weeks after creation secured the lion’s share of said appropriated funds.  This is naked nepotism, and for no small amount of cash.


Llew Jones is One Lucky Guy…His Family, too – LINK

This article outlines how Llew Jones used his connections with Northwestern Energy to elicit a purchase of a 24-MW wind farm from a company called Invenergy, by Northwestern Energy.  It seems pretty harmless until you discover that the person who worked at Invenergy and was in charge of product oversight was none other than Llew Jones’ son, Aaron.  A coincidence, I’m sure.


Does anyone else find it curious that Joe Biden, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Llew Jones all seemed to manage a sweet deal for their children?  Kind of odd that they are all Democrats and Llew Jones is a Republican., don’t you think?

Here is something else that I find to be notable.  Our friend Llew Jones, a Republican, was appointed to the Montana Wheat and Barley Board by Governor Steve Bullock, a Democrat.

Only a week prior, Bullock appointed Jones to the Montana University System Restructuring Review Commission.

Does this mean Jones and Bullock are drinking buddies, or was this a case of our fine Governor repaying Llew for all of his hard work with Medicaid Expansion?  You can be the judge of that.

As stated earlier, the instances outlined above could constitute the tip of the iceberg.  That being said, as far as I know Llew Jones has not been accused of, nor been convicted of, any crimes to date.  But then again, neither has Joe or Hunter Biden.





2 thoughts on “Is Llew Jones the Joe Biden of Montana?

  1. Outstanding reporting on what appears to be a real snake. He is one of many RINO’s in our Montana legislature. My guess is Mr. Bullock has his share of skeletons and his kids are still young.

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