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HD 21 Candidate, Sally Tucker: Our Bill of Rights Are Not Negotiable

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Sally Tucker, Candidate for Montana House District 21, drops a lot of truth bombs in her latest interview

james white EIV Radio May 13, 2020

In recent times, it has been rare to find someone in public service who will “speak truth to power” and stand for the folks. It appears that Sally Tucker is that kind of person.

No rule by tyrants could have been the appropriate theme for the interview, as Sally left no room for speculation when she began speaking of our ever-eroding Bill of Rights

Sally is an United States Air Force Veteran who was born and raised in Montana. Like most Montana natives, Sally is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

Our Founding Fathers didn’t just return from a hunting party when they added the 2nd Amendment… they had just overthrown tyrants

– Sally Tucker

Sally joined me recently on EIV Radio to discuss the lock-down, our Bill of Rights and her strong support for individual rights and freedoms.

You can see the full interview with Sally Tucker by clicking the video linked below.

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