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Breaking News! Legistats Files Federal Lawsuit Against the Montana COPP

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Jeffrey Mangus - Commissioner of Political Practices

Staff Writer Excellence in Voting July 10, 2020

Montana’s Commissioner of Political Practices finds itself at the end of yet another lawsuit, and this time it is Federal.

Ed Butcher and Lonny Bergstrom of Legistats, a non-bias political scoring system for Montana legislators, have been accused of violating Montana campaign laws by traveling the state and educating the public.

Butcher and Bergstrom took exception to that designation and hired Montana Attorney, Matthew Monforton to file a federal lawsuit against the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

The filing documents can be FOUND HERE

This story will be unfolding over the next several weeks, so keep an eye on Excellence in Voting and NorthWest Liberty News

Aforementioned attorney, Matthew Monforton joined me recently to discuss the federal lawsuit that he just filed on behalf of Legistats.

I have included a link to our interview below

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