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Austin Knudsen Stands Tall for Liberty

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Austin Knudsen - Candidate, Montana Attorney General

Candidate for Montana Attorney General, Austin Knudsen doesn’t want your fears to rule his actions

Whether it is staying inside your home, wearing a mask when you go outside, or the idea of mandatory vaccinations, we live in a time where some adults seems hell-bent on telling other adults what to do.

There has, for many years, been a struggle between those who advocate for community safety at the expense of personal liberty and those who advocate for personal liberty despite the potential risks to safety.

Recently, the lines between the two sides have become ever more apparent and actions like deciding or not deciding to wear a surgical mask have devolved into violent confrontations, in some cases.

There truly is a battle raging between liberty and tyranny; a battle fueled by a paper mask.

One way to overcome the attacks on personal liberty is to elect people who believe in preserving it. Austin Knudsen, candidate for Montana Attorney General, is one of those fellows.

The problem comes when you start telling me, or someone else, what I have to do because of your fear – Austin Knudsen

While serving in the Montana legislature, Austin Knudsen was known to take the high road for liberty, and fought to preserve the ideas put forth in not only the Montana Constitution, but the U.S. Constitution as well

One should fully expect that Austin’s strong stance in favor of the people will carry over to his role as Montana Attorney General.

Austin joined me recently for an interview and discussed the balance between public safety and personal liberty. You’re going to love his answer, which can be seen by clicking the video below

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