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Are Montana Republicans Voters Aware That Some Have the Blood of Aborted Babies on Their Hands?

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The idea of compromise sounds good, until you realize that the thing you compromised were your core values.



james white               Excellence in Voting Radio               October 1, 2019



In the most recent Montana legislative session, which ended in April of this year, the push for Medicaid expansion was one of the most contested and controversial battles to surface throughout.

A core of Republican legislators, called the “38 Special,” whose goals were to adhere to the Republican platform, locked horns with not only the Democrats, but a group of Republican legislators who routinely sought compromise with Democrats and called themselves the “Solutions Caucus.”

The Solution Caucus was led by long-time political operative, and legendary backroom deal-maker, Llew Jones of Conrad, Montana.

Jones didn’t act alone, however, in the crafting and promotion of Medicaid expansion.  He was assisted by long-time ally and backroom deal-maker protege, Ed Buttrey of Great Falls, Montana.

HB 658, also known as “Buttrey Care,” was the culmination of hours of behind-the-scenes deal-making from the so-called “Solutions Caucus” and those in the medical industry who pushed hard for the bill.  Despite the efforts of “38 Special,” Democrat Governor, Steve Bullock signed Medicaid expansion into law on May 9. 2019.

I have included a link HERE if you wish to visit the Montana Legislative website and survey the entire legislative process involved in the passage of Medicaid expansion.

Montana Legislator, Derek Skees is a member of the aforementioned, “38 Special” group who battled against Buttrey Care throughout the legislative session. Representative Skees contacted me recently with some disturbing information that has not, to my knowledge, been widely reported in the Montana press.

Derek informed me that Buttrey Care now pays for abortions and transgender sex-change operations.

Did you hear that Republican voters?  Those “Republican” representatives you voted for to go to Helena and represent your core values, including Right to Life, sold you out in backroom deals with Llew Jones and his “Solutions Caucus.”

Essentially, if you voted for any of the so-called Republican legislators in 2018 who are listed below, you have the blood of aborted babies on your hands.  I bet that wasn’t a “solution” you bargained for.

Fred Anderson – Ross Fitzgerald – Nancy Balance – Joel Krautter

Walt Sales – David Bedey – Denley Loge – Ray Shaw – Frank Garner

Sharon Greef – Bruce Grubbs – Wendy McKamey – Edward Buttrey

Frederic (Eric) Moore – Geraldine Custer – Kenneth Holmlund

Mike Hopkins – Tom Welch – Llew Jones


Montana Representative, Derek Skees joined me recently to explain the finer details of the recently signed HB 658 and to illustrate the dangers of having “deal-makers” within the Montana Legislature.








1 thought on “Are Montana Republicans Voters Aware That Some Have the Blood of Aborted Babies on Their Hands?

  1. I’ve been talking about this very thing since May – or before! I even accused Nancy Balance, Dave Bedey, and Sharon Greef of having blood on their hands as early as April or May thru Glenda Edgeworth’s contact list – that they are perpetually guilty of murder of unborn American citizens and that EVERY TIME Medicaid X is used to extinguish the life of an unborn child they are guilty yet again of murder! How will they explain this before the Great Thrown – Indeed even if they die they will continue to be guilty of MURDER so long as Medicaid X exists and Abortion continues to be sanctioned by Government!!!!

    God Himself spoke to the Ravalli Central Committee in August having sent a messenger – ALL THE WAY FROM TUSCAN AZ – to tell them out of the mouths of a second or third witnesses that Medicaid pays for abortions and sex change operations. And yet my support of these people before the election was based on what appeared to be a very strong anti-abortion stand especially from the mouth of Sharon Greef!!

    I believe the strife upon the Ravalli County Republican Central Committee (that has become quite straining) is because the Committee has NOT taken action to condemn the blatant abandonment of our Party Platform by these three County legislators where the Hand of God that was once there has been pulled back from the Committee. Every one of those legislators – to my knowledge – signed the pledge to the Committee to support our Platform which opposes socialism and upholds the sanctity of life EVEN to the UNBORN!

    Has any one of those legislators repented? Have they admitted their violation of promise in exchange for the funds they took from us? Have they begged us to forgive them for betraying our votes? Have they even addressed the blood that is now on their hands? NO, THEY HAVE NOT!!! Instead they have rationalized (a fancy word for devising LIES that justify what one has already done or excuses for what one is about to do!) how they made the bill conservative by attaching a few conservative trinkets like the work requirements (which puts government in control of ones employment in the hands of the State – sound familiar Cold War vets? Sounds like Soviet Russia to me, where the government dictated your service to society!!!)

    I openly repent before God and His thrown for EVER having supported these three!!!!!

    (A copy of this note has been submitted directly to Glenda Edgeworth in response to her posting of this link)

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