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A Montana and Israeli Economic Alliance? It’s Possible…

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Montana Public Service Commissioner, Randy Pinocci traveled to Israel and came away with a great plan to solve the coal needs of both nations



Staff Writer               Excellence in Voting               December 16, 2019


On a global scale, it might appear that the desire for coal is waning; if not all but dead.  However, does that portray an accurate picture of what is real?

Currently, coal is still being used on a massive scale.  And if history is any guide, the apparent good intentions of those who wish for a change, no matter how strong the desire, rarely overcomes the fact that it’s nearly impossible for 25 or 30 nations to agree on anything.

So is coal here to stay for awhile, or does it complete the circle of irony and disappear back into the soil like the dinosaurs from where it came?

No one can know what the future of coal ultimately holds, but for now it’s literally on fire.

One of the biggest consumers of coal in the Middle East is the State of Israel.  In fact, Israel uses more coal than all of its neighbors combined.

Montana has some of the cleanest burning coal in America, which is paramount for Israel and its people.

The Montana Public Service Commission regulates energy in Montana, so any plan or alliance would fall under their watchful eye.

Randy Pinocci is one of only 5 Public Service Commissioners who regulate energy for the entire State of Montana, and, as luck would have it, he traveled to Israel and visited their coal plant while there.


Randy Pinocci – Montana Public Service Commission


Knowing that Israel uses a lot of coal and that Montana’s coal industry could use a boost, especially the Sydney Coal Fire Plant, Randy came up with a plan to try and solve the coal needs of both nations.

With US Foreign Aide to Israel going into the billions and with Israel using some of that money to buy coal from Russia, Randy’s plan to use Montana coal deserves a critical review.

Randy joins me in the interview linked below to discuss the possibilities of his Montana\Israeli Economic Alliance



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