Excellence in Voting                    February 9, 2019




  • The results of the election this mid-term were fairly clear. The Democrats had to win the Senate seat and re-elect Jon Tester for a third term Senator. They went about it with a will bringing in large money Total spent: $17,946,600.61. The Associated Press reports that, at one point in this election cycle, Tester had received more money from lobbyists than anyone else in Congress. Tester’s Republican rival, Matt Rosendale, told backers recently that his campaign was functioning “hand to mouth” and had been “outspent by millions of dollars.”
  • The large cities of Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte and Helena all were won by Tester as well as every Native American Reservation which number at 5 large and 2 smaller areas in Eastern Montana.
  • The total population of Montana at the 2010 Census was 989,415 and as of 2018 over 712,000 registered to vote and 497,393 ballots were cast in 2018. The amazing thing is that 369,000 voted with absentee ballots. That is a whopping 70% of the registered voters having voted and 74% of those voting sent in their ballots via the absentee ballot system.


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EXPOSED! Voter Fraud in Montana 2018 Mid-Term Elections
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